Maghie delighted after clean indoor air motion passes Belfast City Council

Alliance Ormiston Councillor Jenna Maghie has said she is delighted after her motion to implement a clean indoor air strategy for Belfast City Hall and other Council-owned properties was officially passed.

Belfast City Council Jenna Maghie

It also calls on the Council to develop and promote advice that can be followed to provide clean indoor air at events supported by Belfast City Council.
Speaking full Council, Cllr Maghie has said: “We spend around 90% of our time indoors, and yet most of our efforts are focused on outdoor clean air.
"The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us valuable lessons about the significance of maintaining good ventilation and ensuring clean indoor air for the sake of our health and productivity. As we head into the winter season, it's crucial we apply these lessons."
"It's important that we take every reasonable step to ensure the safety of Council staff and the public and make sure that those who are vulnerable or immune-compromised can access Council services. Improving and maintaining indoor air quality levels should be our top priority, starting with Council buildings, and setting an example for others to follow. I'm proud to see Belfast councillors coming together to support this motion."