Long pays tribute to victims of Shankill bombing on 30th anniversary

Alliance leader Naomi Long MLA has paid tribute to the victims of the Shankill Road bombing, marking 30 years since the atrocity.

Naomi Long

It comes following a memorial service that took place in West Kirk Presbyterian Church on the Shankill Road today (23 October), in honour of the victims, first responders, and those who were left bereaved.


Nine people, including two children aged seven and thirteen, were killed in the no warning blast in Frizzell’s fish shop on 23 October 1993. Some fifty seven other people were injured. One of the bombers also died.


“In a dark period of our history filled with unthinkable acts of violence, the Shankill Road bombing stands as one of the most horrific,” said Mrs Long.


“Today, my thoughts and sympathies are with the families and loved ones of the victims who tragically died that day, as well as with the survivors and first responders present at the scene who still bear the mental and physical scars of this atrocity to this day.


“Their courage, dignity and compassion, alongside the strength shown by the wider community in the wake of the attack, stands in stark contrast to the depravity and lack of humanity displayed by those who planted the bomb. Their resolve offered hope in the midst of unimaginable terror and unrest.


“As we commemorate the loss of life and pay our respects to the victims and survivors of the bombing, 30 years on it's essential we also reflect on the efforts we’re making to ensure we never return to the dark days our society has seen of such senseless violence and devastation, and to both address and combat the division and hatred on which it flourished.”