Latest climate change report demonstrates disgraceful lack of meaningful action, says Blair

The latest major report into progress in reducing UK carbon emissions demonstrates the “disgraceful” lack of meaningful action on the matter, Alliance Environment spokesperson John Blair MLA has said.

Climate Change John Blair

The Climate Change Committee report states the UK has lost its climate leadership role, with criticisms including reliance on unproven technologies, lack of commitment to reducing energy usage and the expansion of fossil fuel production not being in line with net zero. Mr Blair said it illustrated the need for a Green New Deal more than ever.

“Northern Ireland is woefully behind on our climate mitigation obligations, and our upcoming targets are in no hope of being met without immediate and decisive action,” he said.

“The report highlights many areas in which Northern Ireland has fallen behind. That includes the lack of electric vehicle charging ports, the need for a long-term heat and efficiency strategy for homes, inability to formalise strategies such as the Peatlands Strategy and a long overdue assessment of waste treatment.

“The climate crisis will not wait for us, and the ongoing inaction is causing irreparable harm. Unfortunately, that is being compounded by the ongoing absence of an Executive, as effective action cannot be taken without Ministerial clearance.

“The longer the DUP abdicates responsibility, the worse off we will be as a result. This latest report highlights the disgraceful lack of action being taken on this issue and the unforgivable impact that will have on our environment. The need for a Green New Deal with meaningful targets has never been clearer.”