Lack of budget for school crossing patrol at Holy Rosary Primary School highlights need for restoration of Executive, says Alliance representatives

Alliance South Belfast MLAs Kate Nicholl and Paula Bradshaw have said that the lack of budget allocated for the recruitment of school crossing patrols at Holy Rosary Primary School further highlights the necessity of restoring the Executive.

South Belfast Paula Bradshaw Kate Nicholl

It comes after the Education Authority (EA) confirmed that a pause on the recruitment of school crossing patrol staff will continue.


Ms Nicholl and Ms Bradshaw have reiterated their continued call for the DUP to get back to work and join with other parties to form a fully functioning Executive and Assembly.


Kate Nicholl MLA said: “We have been lobbying the Education Authority for the restoration of the road crossing attendant on Sunnyside Street at Holy Rosary Primary School in South Belfast for some time now.


“As term starts, it’s incredibly disappointing to have the EA confirm to us this week that the pause on the recruitment of all school crossing patrol positions will continue, and to be informed that there is no room in the budget to reinstate the crossing patrol at Holy Rosary.


“Compounding this, there is also no pedestrian crossing on this very busy road that carries significant levels of fast-moving traffic between the Ormeau Road and Stranmillis Embankment, particularly in peak morning hours. This lack of mitigation here is a danger to the safety of children, families, and the general public.”


Paula Bradshaw MLA added: “Parents, guardians and carers have been in touch with us to raise their concerns and are understandably anxious about what could happen without a service to assist young people crossing the road.


“This is ultimately a matter of the safety of children and young people and it is unacceptable that children at Holy Rosary Primary School, and at other schools across Northern Ireland, are being left without a school crossing patrol.


“The only way to begin to resolve the significant issues facing Northern Ireland’s finances is to get the institutions back up and running. We have been ready since day one to get on with the job of making NI work, but sadly it is the people of Northern Ireland, including our children, who are continuing to suffer as a result of stop-go ransom politics here.”