John Blair MLA reiterates the need to do better for nature’s recovery

Alliance Agriculture and Environment Spokesperson was speaking after meeting with representatives from Ulster Wildlife earlier this week.

John Blair

He said: “The state of our natural environment is depleting rapidly and will continue to do so unless we take urgent action. This will come as no surprise, given the current state of Lough Neagh, the largest freshwater lake of these islands and a vital asset for our biodiversity, tourism, recreation, fishing, culture and drinking water.

“This week, I met with representatives from Ulster Wildlife to discuss their ongoing work on critical environmental issues, such as the recovery of marine life and biodiversity, as well as the protection of our native species, like the badger. We also discussed the work that still needs to be done in these areas.

“The meeting served as a clear reminder of the effort required to protect nature, both now and in the future. It is my hope that in the New Year, with a restored Assembly, we can work towards addressing these issues and bringing positive change to our environment. I am also hopeful that in the year ahead, environment and nature proofing will become a more central part of government thinking, planning and policy given the clear links to health and wellbeing and, therefore, the public good.”