It's time to put an end to problematic pavement parking- Cllr Tara Brooks

Alliance Belfast City Councillor Tara Brooks has said she is shocked at the increase in problematic pavement parking across Belfast.

Belfast City Council PSNI Infrastructure Tara Brooks

The Balmoral Councillor was speaking after submitting a motion to Belfast City Council. She believes it's time to put an end to the problem, especially as we try to move away from prioritising cars in the city centre.
"It's never acceptable to park in a manner which forces people off a footway and into the road. Yet the problem continues to grow," says Councillor Brooks.
"Pavement parking affects everyone in Belfast, but disproportionately children, people with disabilities and those with prams. It is essential Belfast City Council plays its full role in reinforcing the message that pavements are for people.
"However, I know that Belfast City Council alone can't deal with this problem. That's why I'm calling for the Department for Infrastructure to step up its game. As our society moves away from the prioritisation of cars over pedestrians it's time that DFI and the PSNI crack down on rampant pavement parking which puts lives in danger and makes our streets less accessible."