Infrastructure budget paints grim picture, says Muir

The final budget allocation for the Department for Infrastructure “paints a grim picture,” Alliance MLA Andrew Muir has said.

Andrew Muir Infrastructure Budgets

The Infrastructure spokesperson was speaking after the Department announced its finalised budget, with DFI warning it would overspend if the current political status remains.

“The finalised budget allocation for day-to-day spending paints a grim picture, with basic activities such as investment in road safety and cycling proficiency cut to shreds,” said Mr Muir.

“That is coupled with slashed budgets for Translink and NI Water, and potentially even more catastrophic cuts on the horizon, leaving Northern Ireland literally in the dark due to street lights being switched off.

“Public and community services in Northern Ireland are slowly slipping off the edge of an ever-decreasing burning platform, with cuts being inflicted on core services. Meanwhile, as the cuts dig deep, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for restoration of devolution.

“Just over 25 years since the first sitting of the Assembly, the Secretary of State needs to take action to get Stormont restored and deliver the reforms needed to ensure no one party can block restoration. Coupled with a financial package to give us the ability to turn things around, that would put Northern Ireland onto a more sustainable footing.”