Honeyford welcomes IFA reaching out to Northern Ireland fans on Casement Park

Alliance Sports spokesperson David Honeyford MLA has praised the Irish Football Association for reaching out to Northern Ireland fans on their concerns about Casement Park and the Euro 2028 football tournament.

David Honeyford Sport Casement Park

It follows the publication of a letter from IFA CEO Patrick Nelson addressing fears voiced by the Amalgamation of Official Northern Ireland Supporters' Clubs about the use of Casement Park stadium as a venue for the Euros.


The Lagan Valley MLA has said: “Patrick Nelson’s letter reflects many of the points I have made during the debate over Casement Park and Euro 2028.


“The supporters have raised a number of issues concerning the use of a redeveloped Casement Park as a venue for one the world’s biggest football tournaments. These are clearly strongly-held views and it’s only right that the IFA should respond to them.


“Mr Nelson has explained in some detail why the expansion of Windsor Park is not a viable alternative to Casement, and again this is a point I have echoed in the discussion around this issue. The Euros represent a magnificent opportunity to encourage community cohesion and drive forward economic development, and this must be grasped with both hands.


“Funding must also now be released for the long-awaited sub-regional stadiums programme. This is vital to ensure the future of Irish League football.


“Dialogue is the only way forward for the IFA and the supporters to overcome any differences that exist. Mr Nelson’s letter is an important step to resolving those differences.”