Honeyford says time to see the human tragedy behind the rise in road deaths

Alliance Transport spokesperson David Honeyford MLA has called on road users to heed calls to curb dangerous driving as road deaths increase in Northern Ireland.

David Honeyford Roads

There have been 58 deaths on the roads so far this year, compared to 55 fatalities for the entire year in 2022.

The Lagan Valley MLA said: “We need to see beyond the bare statistics and think of the dozens of families who will be missing loved ones this Christmas. The sad fact is most of these deaths were preventable.

“There must be an emphasis on a multi-agency approach to the problem, bringing together the Department for Infrastructure, the PSNI and the Department of Justice. This already exists in the Road Safety Partnership, which aims to cut speeding.

“It’s Road Safety Week, a time when we look to drivers for a change of mindset and a renewed respect for other road users.

“Over 90 per cent of road deaths are caused by human error, with speeding and the misuse of mobile phones playing a major role.

“Sadly, the dark and icy evenings leading up to Christmas tend towards more collisions. It’s time to slow down and pay attention to the road conditions.

“I would appeal to everyone to sign up to the Department for Infrastructure’s pledge to ’Share the Road to Zero’

“As part of the drive to make our roads safer, Alliance is calling for the prioritisation of work on the A1 and A5 roads. These routes are vital for the economic development of Northern Ireland, but more importantly they are also two of our most dangerous accident hot spots. Improvements to the road layout will undoubtedly save lives.

“Work on the A1 and A5 needs to go to the top of the Department of Infrastructure’s list of capital projects.”