Health Services cannot be delivered without adequate pay and conditions, says Alliance Health representatives

Alliance representatives have warned that health services are simply unsustainable without adequate pay and conditions for those providing them, and the party has backed a letter to the Secretary of State from the six Health and Social Care Trust Chief Executives on worker pay.

Health Danny Donnelly Paula Bradshaw

Alliance Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA stated: "The Alliance Party has been the clearest and strongest supporter of transformation of our health and social care system, but we are also absolutely clear that you cannot maintain services while not valuing the staff who provide them.
"Transformation will only work if it incorporates adequate pay awards for workers across health and social care, and if it includes Safe Staffing legislation to guarantee not just fair pay but also improved conditions."
Alliance Health Workforce spokesperson Danny Donnelly MLA added: "We stood on doorsteps and applauded our health workers but now we are clearly failing them, as they are being left well behind colleagues in other sectors and in other parts of the UK.
"As a party, we stand fully behind the Trust CEOs in their letter to the Secretary of State that the situation is now beyond urgent. The public health and social care system is on its knees and one reason for that is its failure to value its own staff appropriately and adequately."