Greener energy and cheaper energy go hand in hand, says Eastwood

Alliance Economy spokesperson Sorcha Eastwood MLA has said that transition to renewable energy is essential for both tackling rising living costs, and for reaching our net zero climate change targets.

Climate Change Economy Sorcha Eastwood Energy
She was speaking before Alliance’s motion around the cost of energy is set to be brought to the Assembly today (11 June). It calls on the Assembly to recognise how the cost-of-living crisis is exacerbated by the cost of energy, and how transition to renewable energy sources and investment in green infrastructure stand to benefit everyone.
The Lagan Valley MLA has said: “It is essential that, as we push to transition to renewable sources of energy and retrofitting our housing, we discuss more openly why we are doing it.
“When we talk about ‘green energy’, ‘net zero’, and ‘transition to renewables’ we’re really talking about lower energy bills, ending fuel poverty, and making homes warmer and more comfortable for people in the long-term.
“We’re also talking about creating jobs in the growing and dynamic sector of renewable energy, cleaner air, and of course, combating climate change and reaching our net zero targets.
“In the midst of the incredibly challenging financial position we find ourselves in, what the public want most from us is to know that things will get better and I believe a key element of that is growing renewable energy production. We simply cannot allow people, businesses, and organisations to ever again be exposed to the energy price increases that we have suffered because of conflict or crisis, and our reliance on fossil fuels.
“We must be ambitious in transforming our energy market. It will require investment, but conversely, we cannot afford to see such crucial opportunity for progress squandered.”