Executive restoration vital if we are to address the Climate Crisis properly, says Blair as COP28 kicks off

Alliance Agriculture and Environment Spokesperson John Blair MLA was speaking as COP28 kicks off in Dubai. This summit brings together political figures from across the globe to discuss actions to tackle the climate emergency.

Climate Change John Blair

He said: “If we are to tackle the climate emergency seriously, we must stop lagging in delivering our climate commitments. These include the establishment of a Climate Change Commissioner, as well as a Just Transition Commission.

“Most of all, however, we require the Executive to return so that we can finally establish an independent Environmental Protection Agency for Northern Ireland, as committed to by all parties in New Decade New Approach. A comprehensive, independent oversight of Northern Ireland’s environmental performance is long overdue, as Northern Ireland remains the only region in Europe without an independent Environmental Protection Agency in place. If any proof of the need for this was needed, then surely the Lough Neagh environmental crisis witnessed in recent times provides this and then some.

“As world leaders gather to discuss global climate solutions at COP28, it is important that we remember the solutions to the climate crisis for Northern Ireland are already clearly outlined in Alliance Green New Deal.”