Every NI council needs a green new deal, says Alexander

Every Council in Northern Ireland should create a green new deal to tackle the threat of climate change and become local environmental leaders, Alliance council candidate Robbie Alexander has said.

Alliance Green New Deal Robbie Alexander

Robbie Alexander said while the climate emergency brought enormous challenges to us all, it allowed opportunities for Councils here to drive change across society.
They were speaking ahead of the launch of Alliance’s Local Government Election manifesto, which contains a number of measures to deliver better public services and protect our environment. They include newly built Council facilities being carbon neutral, Councils ending their use of single-use plastics, delivery of safe cycling lanes and Councils becoming leaders in sustainable transport.
“Alliance Councillors will be environmental leaders on their respective Councils and as such, will pursue the creation of a green new deal for each Council across Northern Ireland,” said Robbie Alexander.
“That would allow us the opportunity to drive environmental change, which would lower emissions and Council running costs in the process. It would also make Councils carbon-neutral and leaders in sustainability and recycling, setting an example for other businesses and households to follow.
“But a green new deal would also go further, recognising tackling the climate emergency goes hand in hand with economic and social justice. By investing in their staff and becoming living wage employers, Councils can take a major step towards breaking down many of the barriers in our community.”
“It is vital that post-pandemic we do not simply slip back into doing things the same old way. We have a chance to make sure our society works for everyone, and a green new deal for Councils would go a long way towards achieving that positive change.”