Euros present major opportunity for Northern Ireland, says Honeyford, following bid confirmation

Alliance Sports spokesperson David Honeyford MLA has said hosting matches for the Euro 2028 tournament will offer major social and economic benefits for everyone in Northern Ireland.

David Honeyford Sport Casement Park

The Lagan Valley MLA was speaking following confirmation that the UK and Ireland will jointly host the 2028 competition.


He has also called for an immediate start to the redevelopment of Casement Park. The Belfast stadium is listed as one of the venues for the competition, but it remains unbuilt after years of delays.


Mr Honeyford has said: “This is the biggest international sporting event ever to come to the region. It’s such an incredible opportunity to showcase Northern Ireland and our people, boost our local economy, and bring the community together, united through sport.


“In order to seize these opportunities for Belfast and for Northern Ireland, having the infrastructure needed to host matches is of course critical. It’s therefore imperative that the Casement Park redevelopment is prioritised and should proceed immediately in order to make this possible.


“The stadium will open up Belfast as a venue for all sorts of events needing a large stadium, with Ulster Rugby for example recently expressing an interest in hosting big games at Casement in the future.


“The lack of an Executive however has only obstructed the resolution of this issue. I once again urge the DUP to end their boycott, and allow for the restoration of the institutions so the stadium can be completed, and we can all enjoy world-class football on our doorstep.


Let’s get Casement built.”