Election a chance for people to choose delivery over drama, says Long

Tomorrow’s election is a chance for people in Northern Ireland to choose delivery over drama, Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has said.

Naomi Long Council Elections

She was speaking ahead of Thursday’s poll, in which Alliance is standing 110 candidates across Northern Ireland. Mrs Long said it was vital for anyone frustrated by the lack of functioning institutions to make their voice heard.

“I understand many people are apathetic and frustrated when it comes to local politics. That is understandable when faced with seemingly constant deadlock caused by divisive politics at the Assembly and Executive,” she said.

“That’s why it is more vital than ever to come out to vote and send a message ransom politics isn’t acceptable. The power is in people’s hands. In 2019, the last Council Election also took place with no functioning Stormont. But voters sent a message – that they wanted and deserved functioning institutions which operate everyday. That message was heard loud and clear, with the bigger two parties restoring the institutions.

“Local government is a tier of politics which continues to operate and Alliance Councillors continue to work hard on every Council the party is represented. More Alliance Councillors and more influence means more solutions to the issues which matter to people. No drama, just delivery.

“Alliance Councillors will work for you, so if you want politics that works, on Thursday vote Alliance right across Northern Ireland.”