Long past time for proper framework to help women and girls, says Egan

Alliance Councillor Connie Egan has encouraged everyone to come forward and help shape two new Executive strategies aimed at tackling domestic and sexual abuse, and violence against women and girls.

The party’s spokesperson on the issue, Connie said in 2022 it as long since time a proper framework was in place to help women and girls who face abusive and sexually violent situations. She said the recent brutal murder of Ashling Murphy in Co Offaly was evidence of the pressing need.

“I am glad to see Minister Naomi Long, along with other Executive colleagues, put these two areas out to consultation this week. As a party, Alliance has done more than any others in aiming to tackle these issues head on, aiming to provide safe environments for all.

“But we have also said this needs to be a cross-departmental response, which is why the joint up approach taken is so important and would encourage people from all backgrounds to come forward and make their views known. We need to get this right.

“We have seen this week the brutal murder of Ashling Murphy, which has horrified everyone but also made us angry, for the change needed to stop this.

“Domestic and sexual abuse hasn’t halted simply because the focus has been on tackling the pandemic and if anything those suffering need proper support and resources in place immediately.”