DUP should take action against Councillor over comments linking LGBTQ+ people to terrorism

DUP leadership should take action against a Councillor who made homophobic comments linking LGBTQ+ people with terrorists, an Alliance spokesperson has said.

Ards and North Down Council

Councillor Colin Kennedy made the comments linking LGBTQ+ people with Hamas during a meeting of Ards and North Down Borough Council on Wednesday. The comments went unchallenged by DUP Mayor Jennifer Gilmour, despite attempts to by Alliance representatives on the night.

An Alliance spokesperson said: “Alliance is disgusted by not only the intent to link the LGBTQ+ community to a terrorist organisation, but also Councillor Kennedy’s decision to outright ridicule the entire LGBTQ+ community in such a public forum.

“It is now urgent DUP leadership take immediate action to show the party will not accept such blatant homophobia within its ranks. Such comments have no place in any society, especially from those in a position of responsibility such as elected representatives.

“Any mainstream party anywhere else in these islands would have suspended this Councillor by now, particularly given it is not the first time he has been involved in controversy. The DUP must outline immediately if it is intending on taking the same action.”