Donnelly offers cautious welcome to SONI Winter Outlook

Alliance Energy and Climate Change spokesperson Danny Donnelly MLA has welcomed the expectation that Northern Ireland's electricity supply is expected to be sufficient to meet demand over the 2023/24 winter period.

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The East Antrim MLA was speaking after the System Operator for Northern Ireland (SONI), which manages Northern Ireland's electricity system, published its Winter Outlook report earlier today (16 October).
The report indicates that there will be sufficient generation available to meet consumer demand in Northern Ireland this winter. However, due to recent changes within the system, margins may be tighter compared to previous years, though this is not expected to disrupt the electricity supply.

"Today's announcement from SONI is a welcome indicator that Northern Ireland's electricity supply should be sufficient to meet the demand of our homes and businesses over the coming winter months," said Mr Donnelly.

"Unfortunately, it's likely to be another difficult winter for many people, given the pressures of the cost of living crisis, which have been exacerbated by the lack of a functioning Assembly and Executive. Demand will be higher over the winter due to the colder weather, and it is essential that people are able to heat their homes and places of business during the challenging months ahead.

"The Winter Outlook also highlights the importance of moving towards more sustainable forms of energy in order to combat the climate crisis and meet our commitment for a Net Zero economy by 2050, as outlined in the Climate Change Act. Greater focus on the potential of wind power, among other renewable energy sources, is just one of the ways we can work towards making our energy consumption more sustainable.

"However, significant progress on renewable energy and meeting our climate commitments is undeniably dependent on the restoration of our political institutions, with appointed ministers who are able to take strategic decisions to deliver on these commitments. This is yet another reason why Stormont must be restored immediately."