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Donnamarie Higgins is an activist and campaigner from West Belfast.

As a mum of three, she wants nothing more for her children and all those growing up in West Belfast than a progressive, shared and equal future.

A former pupil of St. Louise's Comprehensive, Donnamarie is a strong advocate for women's rights and is a member of the Belfast Feminist Network. Aside from her work on women's rights, she is a vocal ally on issues of equality for the LGBT+ community.

Donnamarie has worked for Naomi Long MEP and Maire Hendron MLA and has a strong track record in helping constituents on issues of welfare and has been forthright on the disastrous impact that welfare reform has had on the most disadvantaged in society.

Better community services

Community spirit is at the heart of what makes West Belfast a great place to live and work.

Donnamarie will fight to ensure community services are well funded and easy to access for everyone, with a greater focus on health and well-being and childcare provision.

Better access to mental health support

Donnamarie is committed to continuing Alliance’s work to increase mental health provision and suicide prevention. It is a sad reality that as a society we have lost more loved ones to suicide since the Good Friday Agreement than those who died as a result of the Troubles and as a community we have suffered the loss of a number of young people to suicide in recent years. But one life lost is one too many. We can and must do better.

A fair deal for Apprentices

Across Northern Ireland there are thousands of young people on apprenticeship programmes, many of whom earn as little as £3.90 per hour. Donnamarie is determined to see the introduction of a living wage for all workers in Northern Ireland and greater funding for apprentices & those studying in Further Education.


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