Disgrace parents still having to pay extortionate prices for school uniforms, says Mathison

It is a disgrace parents are still having to pay “extortionate prices” for school uniforms, Alliance MLA Nick Mathison has said.

Nick Mathison School uniforms

The Strangford MLA has previously announced he will bring a Private Member’s Bill on school uniform costs once the Assembly returns. He said a permanent solution to the issue was needed, to ease the pressure faced by parents.

“At this point every year, we have this same conversation about the costs of school uniform,” said Mr Mathison.

“It is a disgrace we are still going round in circles with this and parents end up having to pay such extortionate prices. We are not far away from the school year starting again and when combined with the rising cost of living, parents are once again feeling the strain.

“The previous Education Minister had discussed her intent to look into the possibility of tightening guidance for schools on their uniform policies but that was too little, too late, particularly with no Executive in place following the DUP’s boycott of the institutions. I had hoped this issue would have been long resolved by now and therefore I would not need to bring a Private Member’s Bill but it appears such legislation may be the only way to resolve it, and that will be my intention once the Assembly returns.

“This is not a new problem. We need a lasting change so this issue does not raise its head every year and financial hardships facing people are not compounded. I once again urge the DUP to end their deadlock and allow the institutions to return, so we can make a real difference to people’s lives.”