Councils should use silent fireworks for displays in order to protect household pets, says Alliance candidate Nancy Eaton

Alliance Castlereagh South candidate Nancy Eaton has said the forthcoming Council Election is a chance for parties to prioritise animal welfare policies, with Alliance having outlined a series of proposals in its LE23 manifesto relating to the matter and other issues, designed to develop stronger and safer communities.

Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council le23 nancy eaton

They also include increased park and play provision, including dog-friendly areas and outdoor gyms, and fair charges for the use of council facilities.


Alliance has always prioritised animal welfare and sought to tackle cruelty against animals,” said Nancy.


Political parties have an important role to play in protecting those who cannot speak for themselves. We have to ensure the highest possible animal welfare standards across the board, and this election is a chance for parties to show they prioritise this aim and are committed to such policies.


In terms of Alliance, we’re calling for silent firework displays, dog-friendly areas, and a zero-tolerance approach to practices such as illegal puppy breeding. People who carry out cruelty to animals are a danger to not only the animals themselves but potentially to society as a whole, and Councils have a vital role to play in putting a stop to it.”