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About Chris

Chris holds a Masters degree in Politics and joined Alliance to help build a united and equal society. He became a councillor for the Causeway DEA in 2018 and was reelected in 2019. He has worked for over six years in economic development and is passionate about helping NI's economy thrive. He lives in the East Londonderry constituency, in Portrush.

Chris' Priorities for East Derry

1. Economic development - with his background working in economic development, Chris knows what needs to be done to grow our local economy both through inward investment and by supporting local businesses. He will also work to deliver economic security for all through reforms such as a Universal Basic Income

2. Environmental protection - as a Councillor, Chris introduced Northern Ireland’s first Council litter strategy and an environmental grant programme for community groups. He will continue to be a champion for the environment in the Assembly 

3. Building a shared society - Chris believes we can build a fairer, more united and more prosperous Northern Ireland, but that the current orange vs green division is our biggest obstacle.


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