Brown welcomes poll showing majority support Universal Basic Income in Northern Ireland

Alliance South Down MLA and chair of the All-Party Working Group on Universal Basic Income (UBI) Patrick Brown has welcomed the results of a poll on UBI in Northern Ireland.

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The poll commissioned by UBI Lab NI and carried out by LucidTalk found that more people now support the introduction of a UBI, rather than oppose it in Northern Ireland.
It was carried out on 1,199 adult residents of NI in May 2023 and asked them for their views on a range of questions relating to UBI, the performance of the existing welfare system, and the impact a UBI might have on society.
"At 62% in favour (when only those responding for or against are included) the poll shows that support for Universal Basic Income is both significant and on the rise, and it isn’t difficult to see why in these current economic circumstances,” said Mr Brown.
“As it stands, Alliance has been calling for a UBI trial since 2019, in recognition of the failing welfare system, precarious employment situations, and the economic impact of Brexit and Covid.
"A trial could see participants, regardless of their circumstances, getting unconditional monthly payments, in addition to any existing benefits. It could help us understand the benefits of UBI in a post-conflict society here in NI.
“UBI could stand to bring an end to absolute poverty, ensure financial security for everyone across the board, improve mental health, and even help reduce crime and heal divisions in communities across Northern Ireland.
“It presents a unique economic opportunity to get NI back on its feet and deserves to be seriously and robustly considered.”