Bradshaw welcomes move by Irish Government to fund student places

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has welcomed a move by the Irish Government to fund student nursing and midwifery places at universities in Northern Ireland.

Health Paula Bradshaw

The majority of places in the one-year deal will be for students from the south, with a number reserved for students from Northern Ireland. It follows an announced cut of 300 nursing places last month due to budget pressures. Graduates will be free to work either side of the border once qualified.

“Alliance welcomes any move which will secure these places,” said South Belfast MLA Ms Bradshaw.

“There already is significant cooperation across the island of Ireland both in further education and in healthcare.

“However, the DUP should be embarrassed its refusal to take responsibility for governing means decisions affecting Northern Ireland and public policy priorities for Northern Ireland are being taken away from Northern Ireland.

“Devolution means self-government, and it is long past time the boycott ended. Meanwhile, the main role the NIO should be playing is to reform the institutions so there can be no more single-party veto on the very functioning of government, particularly with our healthcare system in such crisis.”