Bradshaw welcomes Irish Government funding for Allied Health and Diagnostic Radiography places at Magee

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has welcomed an announcement from the Department of Health that an agreement has been reached with authorities in the Republic of Ireland to fund further training places at the Magee Campus of Ulster University.

Health Paula Bradshaw

These include 50 places associated with Allied Health professions and five places for Northern Ireland-domiciled students of Diagnostic Radiography.


“It is to be warmly welcomed that a further agreement has been reached on funding for training places at Magee with the Irish Government," said Ms Bradshaw.

"These will provide another boost to the campus itself but also, most of all, to the provision of vital medical training for students who will be able to work on either side of the border.


“As Chair of the All-Party Group on Cancer, I know how welcome the funding of five places in Diagnostic Radiography will be. It is essential we get a move on with transforming cancer services to make Northern Ireland a place where radiographers wish to work.


“This is of course just the latest example of others acting while Stormont itself is in cold storage. Those refusing to enable the restoration of the Assembly are causing serious damage to Northern Ireland, and they need to recognise that the only people paying any penalty are those here who need and deserve a responsive and functioning health system, as well as other vital public services.”