Bradshaw reiterates call for drug consumption rooms, following latest drug death figures

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has reiterated a call for drug consumption rooms in Northern Ireland, following the release of the latest drug misuse deaths figures here.

Health Paula Bradshaw

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency figures showed 154 deaths in 2021/22, down from 212 in 2020/21.

“As a party, Alliance firmly believes the drugs problems we are seeing across Northern Ireland must be tackled through a public health response,” said South Belfast MLA Ms Bradshaw.

“The issue of drug addiction, and associated mental health problems, is one we must recognise as needing a compassionate and pro-active approach.

“While the significant decrease from 212 to 154 is to be warmly welcomed, we must build on the good work of the Public Health Agency, Extern and others to continue to drive this figure down. The figures mean 154 families have been left devastated and frustrated adequate and person-centred support was not available in a timely and appropriate manner.

“As such, we repeat our call for a change in the law to allow for drug consumption rooms to be set up in Northern Ireland. They have proven to be successful in keeping people alive and providing necessary health care.”