Blair calls meeting with DAERA and NIEA representatives on concerns around state of Lough Neagh

The Alliance Party is to hold a meeting with representatives from DAERA as concerns continue around the impact of blue-green algae, especially in the vicinity of Lough Neagh.

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John Blair MLA – the party’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs spokesperson – has said the meeting with department officials should also include representatives from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, as levels of public concern continue to rise in relation to impacts upon our eco-systems and wider natural environment.
Mr Blair added: “The public deserve to have confidence in the quality of our waters, which is why we need to establish the scientific evidence and see public agencies provide clear answers to allay the fear many people may be feeling.
“Lough Neagh is vital to so many, in terms of tourism, recreation, and local business alike, and we need to address the needs of those who live on the lough and utilise it often, as well as those who have commercial interests. This means establishing clear communication, with factual evidence, in relation to the reality of the situation at hand.
“This meeting is of the highest priority, as the questions that remain unanswered are only contributing to the strength of public concern.”