Blair calls for greater effort in maximising recycling opportunities

Alliance Agriculture and Environment spokesperson John Blair MLA was speaking after joining Keep Recycling Local for a tour of local recycling facilities.

Environment John Blair

The South Antrim MLA said: “More significant effort must be taken to ensure we are maximising the recycling opportunities we have here in Northern Ireland. We must do everything possible to not only reach, but exceed, the target of 70% recycling rate by 2030. This is essential to protecting our environment.

“My visit to the South Antrim facilities in my own constituency was especially meaningful in terms of witnessing a circular economy first-hand and the benefits it can bring. I saw demonstrated how a bottle of Baileys can be bottled in South Antrim, consumed in South Antrim and then, because we have separation of recycling in this area, be collected by Bryson Recycling in Mallusk who then send it on to Enva in Toome, then to Encirc’s NI location, before ending up back in Mallusk as a new bottle ready to start the process again.

“This is a perfect example of a circular economy in action with obvious environmental benefits also. We must ensure however that this is not a solitary example, and that Northern Ireland can lead the way regarding recycling.


Alliance will continue to press councils to move away from co-mingled recycling systems as there is no question that recycling quality is better when separation occurs at the source.”