Armstrong welcomes promotion for access to health care costs

Alliance Communities spokesperson Kellie Armstrong MLA has welcomed a promotional campaign to make people on Universal Credit more aware of how they can receive help with health costs.

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It follows the implementation of the universal credit system which saw many people miss out on a range of benefits they were previously entitled to. However, the Department for Communities (DFC) has now launched an awareness campaign to showcase how people can access health care costs.

“The removal of automatic access to dental treatment and sight test costs has been one of the major aspects of the move to universal credit,” said Ms Armstrong.

“Sadly, until the Department of Health is able to process legislation to give those on universal credit the same benefits they were on before, the Department for Communities has implemented a system that involves filling out a form. That is not perfect but at least it gives local people the opportunity to access the same benefits to help with health costs as in the rest of the UK.

“Now people can find out more information and how to access benefits on the NI Direct website and I would encourage them to do so.

“However, the fact remains if the institutions were restored and a Health Minister was in place, they would be able to take forward the necessary legislation to make access to health care costs an automatic entitlement for universal credit claimants.”