Armstrong: Proud day for Integrated Education

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has said it is a positive, proud day for Integrated Education in Northern Ireland, after her Integrated Education Act becomes law.

Kellie Armstrong

The historic day comes after a long private members bill process that brought forward new legislation to meet the growing demand for integrated education across Northern Ireland. Built into the act was a six month period to allow the Department for Education and Education Authority to prepare to deliver the law. Now the law is enacted the Dept and EA are required to deliver the Integrated Education Act.

She said: “This is a proud day for all in the Integrated Education sector, as we take a step forward in securing support for the growing number of families seeking to have their children educated integrated together in an integrated school.

“This is a day for celebration. Integrated education was enshrined in the Good Friday Agreement, yet over 20 years on provision to see our children educated together still lags behind controlled and maintained schools.

“Alliance has always supported Integrated Education. As an Alliance MLA I used my opportunity to bring forward a private members bill, now an Act, to deliver on one of our core Party policies.

“This was a hard fought for act and one which I am proud to have delivered as a private member that delivers significant change to the Education system to support Integrated Education. I look forward to seeing how we can further enhance integrated education provision locally.”