Alliance welcomes return of night buses during the Christmas period

Alliance Infrastructure Spokesperson Peter McReynolds MLA has welcomed the return of Translink's Nightmovers service over the Christmas period after months of uncertainty.

Alliance recently met with Chris Conway, Group Chief Executive of Translink and outlined the case for the scheme to return this year.
The services will run on Friday and Saturday nights, with the Late-night Belfast Metro services commencing on the 24th of November, followed by Goldliner/Urby and rail services from Friday, 1st of December.
"Nightmovers is a crucial service that ensures a safe and relatively low-cost transport option to the public over the darker, winter months,” said the East Belfast MLA.
“A late-night transport service is also a central element to a thriving night-time economy. The introduction of Nightmovers will help stimulate the hospitality and entertainment sectors during the Christmas season, whilst at the same time helping ensure public safety.”
“Whilst we have confirmation that the service will run again over the busy festive period, albeit more scaled down than last year, Alliance would like to see Nightmovers become a regular, permanent feature of Translink’s public services. Northern Ireland is falling behind the rest of the UK and Ireland in its provision of a late-night transportation system that serves the needs of the public.”
“Chronic underinvestment in public transport infrastructure has restricted late-night transport becoming a reality. We urgently need a restored Assembly and Executive to ensure the sustainability of Translink’s finances and to enhance their capital funding to deliver essential projects and usage as an alternative mode of transport to the car.”