Alliance welcomes high court decision to quash DAERA’s badger cull decision

Alliance Spokesperson for Agriculture and Environment John Blair MLA was speaking after the judicial review outcome sees the Department’s plans of a badger cull as part of its bovine TB eradication strategy quashed.


Mr Blair - Chair of the Assembly’s All Party Group on Animal Welfare - said: “I, alongside the many charities which I have been working with to stop the badger cull, such as the USPCA, Ulster Wildlife and the Northern Ireland Badger Group, am delighted to hear the high court’s decision.

"Whilst there is no doubt that bovine TB is an ongoing issue in Northern Ireland, it can be controlled through other methods than an intensive badger cull, which would only lead to the destruction of protected wildlife. For example, it can be controlled through enhanced cattle movement controls and a cattle test-vaccinate-remove strategy.

"I am hopeful that this long-awaited outcome will now facilitate more engagement between DAERA and the wildlife sector. It is also clear, however, that we need a Minister in place to bring forward a better strategy which takes into account ethical alternatives to controlling bovine TB. Those within the sector, as well as our wildlife and livestock, will continue to suffer until such a strategy is put in place.”

Alliance Animal Welfare Spokesperson, Paddy Brown MLA added: “This announcement demonstrates what can be achieved through people coming together for a common goal. While this is great news day, the issue still remains going forward and with no Minister in place it is unclear what else can be done for now.

“I look forward to the day there is a Minister in place to outline future plans and provide support and guidance for all those impacted by this issue.”