Alliance to Support Windsor Framework in Key Vote

Alliance Party Deputy Leader Stephen Farry MP has confirmed he will vote in favour of the Statutory Instrument on Democratic Scrutiny in Westminster on Wednesday.

Stephen Farry Windsor Framework Stormont Brake

The vote is being presented as the meaningful vote on the Windsor Framework package. The North Down MP said while Alliance had some concerns around the Stormont Brake, the party still saw it as one part of a wider set of arrangements to provide Northern Ireland with an even softer landing from a hard Brexit than the original Protocol.

“We have given the Windsor Framework a broad welcome. While it isn't perfect, we recognise it is a significant upgrade from the original Protocol,” he said.
“Alliance didn't support Brexit, but thanks to the hard Brexit pursued by the UK Government and DUP, we need to address the particular challenges posed to our region. The Windsor Framework offers us an even softer landing than before and provides practical answers to a range of problems highlighted over the past few years.
"The overwhelming majority of people and businesses want to see pragmatic solutions. Moreover, they want to see the Assembly and Executive restored to deliver better public services and to invest in our economy. They want Northern Ireland to work.
"We do have some reservations regarding the Stormont Brake, especially concerning the stability of the Assembly and uncertainty for businesses regarding the applicability of updated or new EU law. However, we recognise there are significant safeguards in place and the circumstances where something can be blocked should be very limited.
"Every party must judge this as an overall package. Each of us will have different aspects we like and dislike. But we must all now do what is right for NI. It is in that spirit that Alliance will be supporting this motion today."