Alliance representatives welcome investment into A5 and Narrow Water Bridge

Alliance Infrastructure spokesperson Patrick Brown MLA and Omagh Councillor Stephen Donnelly have welcomed an announcement from the Irish Government that they intend to invest in cross-border infrastructure projects.

Stephen Donnelly Infrastructure Patrick Brown a5

They have committed 600 million towards redevelopment of the A5 road from Dublin to Derry-Londonderry and reinforced commitments toward the Narrow Water Bridge project, which would link the Mourne Mountains with the Cooley Peninsula.


The South Down MLA has said: “I am delighted to see the Irish Government’s commitment to the North-West corridor. The A5 upgrades have faced numerous delays over several years and it is welcome to hear of progress being made on this vital infrastructure.


“Given that the North West is primarily rural, the planned upgrades will significantly enhance connectivity in the region. Additionally, I’m optimistic that these developments will stimulate cross-border trade, travel, and tourism, fostering growth locally and throughout the island.


“I’m hopeful that these long-awaited upgrades will effectively address the significant safety issues surrounding this road, and help create a safer travelling route for people journeying from Derry-Londonderry to Dublin.


“I am also greatly heartened by the Irish Government’s commitment to the Narrow Water Bridge. This initiative holds immense potential for connecting my constituency of South Down with County Louth and integrating the Carlingford Greenway, as well as providing a huge tourism boost and an important cross-border active travel route.”


Councillor Donnelly added: “I would like to welcome this substantial financial commitment from the Irish Government, which represents an investment in the safety of road users across West Tyrone and the wider North West.

“The upgrade of the A5 has been allowed to run adrift for far too long. Families of those who have tragically lost their lives on this stretch of road rightly expect for progress to finally be made on this critical piece of infrastructure for our community. Today’s announcement is a further step in the right direction.

“I would like the to thank the Enough is Enough campaign, spearheaded by Tyrone GAA and bereaved families in our community, who have been a strong voice in advocating the need to upgrade the A5 in order to ensure that more lives are not needlessly lost.

“In the time ahead, Alliance will continue to push for the safety benefits that an upgraded A5 will bring to our region, and I look forward to seeing works progressed and eventually completed.”