Alliance Party backs Safer Ageing Week campaign to end abuse of older people

Alliance Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has restated her party's support for the annual flagship campaign of Hourglass, the charity dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of older people.

The South Belfast MLA stated: "This is Safe Ageing Week, a time which gives us the chance to re-emphasise the importance of ending the abuse of older people and ensuring that older victims no longer feel ignored and voiceless.

"The ALONE VOICE campaign focuses on the often forgotten voice of older victims of violence and abuse, and on developing a strategy to ensure they are not last in line for support.

"Northern Ireland is ahead of the rest of the UK in that it already has a 'Safer Ageing Index' from which to base progress. However, the lack of accountable Ministers is undermining efforts to tackle the abuse and neglect of older people. It is time we got on with forming an Executive and developing a strategy which will give a voice to the previously voiceless and which will move decisively towards ending the abuse of older people in any form."