A vote for Alliance in Mid Ulster is a vote for a more inclusive, prosperous future, says Hackett, in the run up to LE23 polling day

Ahead of polling day on Thursday (18 May) for Northern Ireland’s 2023 Local Council Election, Alliance Dungannon candidate Claire Hackett has urged voters to think differently about how they use their vote.

Claire Hackett Mid Ulster

The power of a single vote can be immeasurable, especially in local Council elections, and the importance of using yours has never been more apparent,” said Claire.


“During the campaign, the frustration of voters with the current political stalemate has been clear. However, there are still people who vote for parties whose views do not necessarily align with their own, purely because it is expected of them to keep ‘The Others’ out. It’s time we evolved past this kind of tribalist mindset when it comes to elections and looked at what really matters to people here in Mid-Ulster, and across Northern Ireland in general.


“When out on the doors, people have spoken to me, for example, about the lack of facilities in the area aimed at bringing people together, indicating that for the people of Dungannon and the surrounding areas, there is a desire for Council to prioritise building a more united community with better facilities and public services.


Alliance’s strong track record in local government demonstrates that we’re focused on the bread and butter issues like this that are affecting residents in their everyday lives – improving health and education, protecting the environment, seeing fairness in housing, delivering value for money, developing more sustainable public services, improving community relations, and securing affordable care for children and adults in need of it.


“Mid Ulster is currently the only Council area in Northern Ireland without an Alliance Councillor, and this is something we’ve been working hard to change. We hope every voter looking for a strong forward-thinking, cross-community voice on Council gets out to vote Alliance, and seize this opportunity to send a message to those who seek to hold us back.


“This election day, a number 1 vote for Hackett in Dungannon and other Alliance candidates across Mid Ulster is a vote for a more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable future for everyone in our area.”