A restored Executive must preserve the principles of NHS, says Alliance representatives

Alliance Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA and East Antrim MLA Danny Donnelly have extended their gratitude to all Health and Social Care workers on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the establishment of the National Health Service. The party has also renewed its call for a restored Assembly to transform Health and Social Care. and ensure its preservation for years to come. 

Health Danny Donnelly Paula Bradshaw

The National Health Service, known as Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, was established on 5th July 2023 as part of major social reforms following the Second World War. 
“The success of the National Health Service over the last seventy-five years is a testament to the dedication of healthcare workers both past and present,” said Ms Bradshaw.  
“The Covid-19 pandemic reminded us all of the true value of our Health and Social Care staff and we would be much worse off if it were not for their daily resilience, compassion and dedication. Today, I would like to thank them all for the incalculable number of lives that have been saved since the founding of the service. 
“The greatest gift that we could give healthcare workers on this anniversary would be for all politicians in Northern Ireland to show the same devotion to excellence in healthcare. We need a restored Executive to provide stable government and prioritise safe staffing legislation, improved conditions, and long-overdue transformation. Anything less would show contempt for the legacy built on the tireless work of doctors, nurses and all healthcare professionals and support staff.” 
Mr Donnelly added, “As a former nurse, I understand first-hand the astonishing achievement that is seventy-five years of the NHS, and I am so grateful to colleagues for working day in and day out to provide high-quality care. 
“Going forward, we must look to the next seventy-five years to preserve the principles that the NHS was founded on. We are in desperate need of political leadership to make the decisions to fund reform and transform HSC. This work must include a focus on population well-being, timely treatment and diagnosis through specialist hubs, and revitalised primary care.
“We can make this year a turning point for Health and Social Care and deliver the transformation that has been so sorely lacking for many years. We must ensure healthcare remains free from the point of access and is there for everyone when they need it. We must work now to preserve our health service for the generations to come.”