Efficient transport systems in Northern Ireland are good for our economy and help to make sure that people have access to public services. We need to make sure that transport services are available to everyone in Northern Ireland, not just people who have access to cars. In the past, the government has invested heavily in roads for car use. However, with the rising price of fuel and the desire to move to more sustainable methods of living, the government needs to invest in alternative methods of transport. Everyone should be able to get about, for work, leisure or to access services, regardless of whether they can afford a car. In order to make sure that transport option are available to all, Alliance will:

  • Re-balance funding away from roads and into more sustainable forms of public transport so that all transport choices remain viable.
  • Encourage government departments to work together to cut the costs of vehicles, maintenance and fuel, saving money which can re-invested elsewhere.
  • Integrate public transport by creating links between the bus and rail network, car users, ports and airports.
  • Promote cycling by increasing the number of cycle lanes in Northern Ireland and including cycling proficiency in the physical education curriculum.
  • Develop an aviation strategy for Northern Ireland.