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Showboating of attempting to restore Assembly on Monday may damage any permanent return, says Lunn

The ‘showboating’ of attempting to restore the Assembly on Monday may damage the changes of it permanently returning, Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has said.

Mr Lunn was speaking as it was confirmed the Assembly will sit on Monday following DUP and UUP MLAs signing a recall petition.

“Dragging MLAs back into the Assembly on Monday when many of us have spent almost three years trying to restore it, while the outstanding issues remain unresolved, is raising the expectations of the public, only to have them knowingly dashed,” he said.

“It appears those wanting to go back on Monday are only doing so to try and deny LGBTQ people and women the rights guaranteed to them in the rest of the UK. I previously attempted to make some modest changes to abortion law here but that was blocked by other parties.

“There is no doubt there are serious issues remaining unresolved. But serious parties would have engaged intensively on resolving them ahead of Monday, instead of grandstanding. Such showboating contributed to the collapse of the institutions and will do nothing to aid their return. Indeed, they may make that more difficult.

“If people are serious about restoration and good governance, they will still be serious on Tuesday.”