Urgent action is needed to reform the structures of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement to stop either of the largest parties being able to hold the Assembly and Executive to ransom.

We need a functioning Executive and Assembly now more than ever, to: protect our vital public services (like health, education and policing); properly manage public finances, which are under massive pressure; and deliver support for those of us in this community who are struggling to pay our bills and feed our families. Businesses that survived the Covid pandemic are now struggling to survive inflationary pressures and constant political instability here is making things worse.

It is now less than three years since the last collapse, which itself lasted for three years. Even if parties agree to form an Executive, how long will it be before it collapses again?

As joint custodians of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, we are calling on the British and Irish governments to act now, before confidence in politics and in the Agreement itself is entirely eroded.

They must legislate to remove the vetoes of the largest parties and ensure that those parties who want to do the job can get on with it.

They must act to put the interests of the people of Northern Ireland first and end this appalling cycle of stop-go ransom politics for good.

Please click here to find out more about Alliance's proposals to reform the institutions and end ransom politics, and sign the petition below to show your support. Please note that adding your address and phone number is optional, but we would appreciate it if you could add your postcode so we can see where signatories are from. 

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