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Prorogation of Parliament removes what little scrutiny there was on Northern Ireland

Alliance leader, Naomi Long MEP, has said that there are unseen consequences of the decision to prorogue the UK Parliament until 14 October.

Speaking from Westminster, where she has been meeting with top officials and MPs to make sure that the people of Northern Ireland are heard, the Alliance leader has said that prorogation has “removed what little scrutiny” there was on Northern Irish issues.

“Prorogation is damaging to the whole democratic process in the UK for so many reasons, but it’s particularly damaging for Northern Ireland. MPs can no longer hold the Government to account in Parliament in the usual way.”

“Northern Ireland questions were scheduled for Wednesday in the House of Commons and, without Stormont up and running, that is the only opportunity for MPs to challenge the Government on its handling of preparations for a No-Deal Brexit in NI, the ongoing negotiations around the border issues, and the progress or lack of it towards restoring devolution.”

“It speaks volumes that on the same day that Boris Johnson refuses to answer questions from UK journalists in Dublin, he is shutting down Parliament and avoiding questions there too.

“With no Assembly, there is already a democratic deficit and this simply adds to that, at a time when Northern Ireland businesses, trade unions and the general public desperately need answers.”