People of North Down need clarity over where candidates stand, following DUP deal comments, says Farry

The people of North Down need urgent clarity on where local General Election candidates stand on DUP leader Gavin Robinson’s comments on the party’s deal with the UK Government to restore the Assembly and Executive, Alliance’s Stephen Farry has said.

Stephen Farry
Mr Robinson said the deal had been oversold and has been accused of backtracking on it.

Dr Farry said candidates in North Down needed to make clear their views on the move, especially given both the TUV and DUP have given their backing to former DUP MLA Alex Easton.

“North Down was a Remain constituency in the Brexit referendum and remains very pro-European,” he said.

“However, the DUP seem content to fight Brexit battles from years ago in a bid to ignite more constitutional fear-mongering, which is their standard playbook in election campaigns. We need to move on from the instability Brexit has brought and discuss the big issues people are concerned about, such as health, education and the economy.

“Therefore, local General Election candidates need to make clear their stance following Gavin Robinson’s comments. The DUP is stepping aside in Fermanagh and South-Tyrone for the UUP, so does Tim Collins back these comments?

"Alex Easton has received backing from both the TUV and the DUP, two parties with opposing views on the return to Stormont. That is puzzling enough, but local people now need to hear Mr Easton’s opinion, if he backs Gavin Robinson or Jim Allister.

“It is understandable these two candidates in particular are attempting to hedge their bets on one of the big issues people are concerned about. But it’s time they stopped hiding and made their views clear to the electorate.”