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  • last Sunday
    Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has said those behind a bomb placed outside a primary school in North Belfast do not represent the vast majority of the local community.

    Councillor McAllister was speaking after the device was discovered outside Holy Cross Boys' Primary School in Ardoyne in the early hours of Sunday by a passing police patrol. PSNI say the bomb was sizeable and an attempt by dissident republicans to kill officers.

    "Those who placed this bomb not only in the heart of the community but outside the gates of a primary school do not represent the vast majority of people in this area, who want to get on with their lives in peace.

    "I utterly condemn this incident, which was targeted at police but could have just as easily injured a member of the public, or even worse. Pupils are due to return to school tomorrow after the Easter break - if the PSNI did not find this device, I dread to think what may have happened.

    "I encourage anyone with information on this to contact police immediately."

  • Nuala McAllister20171
    last Friday

    Plans for a stained glass window to celebrate Belfast's LGBT community has moved closer reality, Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has said, after the next step in the process was confirmed on Friday morning.

    The North Belfast Councillor - and next Lord Mayor of Belfast - welcomed the steps being taking to consult a wide-range of people, including Councillors from other parties, representatives from the LGBT sector and the initial proposer Councillor Mary Ellen Campbell, the first openly gay Deputy Mayor.

  • Emmet20174
    13 April

    Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown has said a planning committee decision to defer a decision on plans for a controversial office block in the gasworks will give more time for community engagement.

    Councillor McDonough Brown said that while the gasworks has the potential for further development, this must only be undertaken through open and honest consultation channels with local residents, with social housing being made a priority to meet demand in the local area.

  • ANTRIM: ANTRIM TOWN: Cllr Neil Kelly
    12 April

    Alliance Councillor Neil Kelly has condemned an attack on a family in Antrim, which could have left a baby seriously injured.

    The police are treating the incident as a hate crime, after two windows of the house in Tarragon Park were smashed, with one brick landing in the baby's empty cot.

    Councillor Neil Kelly said: "This is an absolutely outrageous attack, carried out by a bunch of cowards who have no reason to treat others in this way.

  • Nuala McAllister
    4 April

    Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has backed plans for the LGBT community to be recognised at Belfast City Hall.

    The North Belfast Councillor supported plans on Monday night for a stained glass window to be opened within the building, recognising the Council's aim to create a City Hall inclusive and open to everyone.

    Councillor Nuala McAllister said: "I'm delighted to back a motion aimed at showcasing the positive role the LGBT community has played and continues to play across Belfast.

    "Belfast is a city for everyone. A growing city both in size and diversity, support for this project from those elected within City Hall highlights the growing thirst for a vibrant, diverse and open society, from outside.

    "A passionate advocate of equality and inclusivity, my vision for Belfast remains as one we can all be proud of. That's why I plan on leading from the front when I become Lord Mayor in a few months' time, placing inclusivity and diversity at the heart of everything I do."

  • Kate Nicholl
    3 April

    Alliance Councillor Kate Nicholl has spoken of her 'absolute disgust' at Belfast City Councillors who abstained on a motion aimed at ending the harassment and intimidation women seeking reproductive healthcare often face.

    Councillor Kate Nicholl said: "This motion showcased exactly which Councillors were prepared to stand back and allow the often cruel tactics deployed by protesters to continue to be used. It is absolutely unacceptable that in 2017 this sort of harassment still secures support from elected representatives.

  • David Armitage
    10 March

    Alliance Councillor David Armitage has called for illegal bonfire materials left on the Connswater Greenway to be removed immediately.

    Dozens of tyres have been left on the Flora Street walkway section of the multi-million-pound greenway.

    "Alliance recognises everyone has the right to celebrate their culture and traditions but it must be done in a safe, legal and respectful manner. Leaving dozens of tyres to be burnt such as this is neither of those and needs addressed by Belfast City Council immediately," said Councillor Armitage.

    "The greenway is a positive celebration of all that is best about East Belfast. We must recognise the area is a shared space which has been a boon to the area. There is clearly a wider issue around bonfires, their safe and legal construction, and communication with the local community on the matter.

    "We have worked hard over the past few months with others to provide a new scheme in the area to prevent situations such as this occurring. I would call on those involved to remove these tyres voluntarily to ensure everyone has free enjoyment of the greenway."
  • Patrick Brown profile pic 1
    27 February
    Alliance will seek to "confine barbaric animal cruelty to the history bin" in any new Assembly, South Down candidate Patrick Brown has said.

    Councillor Brown said Alliance would bring a private member's bill to the new mandate which would include a ban on hunting with dogs, the use of snares and wild animals in circuses, a move East Belfast candidate Chris Lyttle had attempted in the previous Assembly before its collapse.

    "Animal welfare is a priority for Alliance and for many other people, yet the last Executive failed to respond to widespread public support for such moves. This is compared to David Ford, who while Justice Minister, increased the maximum available custodial sentence and fines available to those found guilty of the most serious animal cruelty crimes.

    "Alliance remains committed to this issue and it is one we will continue to work on until such horrifying cruelty is completely eliminated. We will prioritise bringing a private member's bill to the next Assembly to achieve a ban on such barbaric pastimes.

    "Northern Ireland should confine them to the history bin. It is the only humane option and one which Alliance will continue to pursue."

  • Nuala McAllister
    24 February
    Alliance North Belfast Assembly candidate Nuala McAllister has said she feels vindicated after the DUP was forced to reveal a major donor which contributed to its Brexit campaign.

    Councillor McAllister said the DUP - along with the SDLP and UUP - last year voted against steps Alliance had taken to try and increase openness and transparency at Belfast City Council. However, she said the overwhelming public mood for revealing political donors to local parties, a practice Alliance already does voluntarily, meant she had made the right decision in highlighting the lack of transparency from those parties on the Council.

    "The DUP, UUP and SDLP all tried and failed to bully me for the 'crime' of standing up for openness for the citizens of Belfast. Today's revelation the DUP's Brexit donor was a shadowy group of which there appears to be not much information underlines the fact I did the right thing in doing so.

    "The public want to have their politicians and parties fully accountable. It is not simply enough to say you are - you need to follow through. That includes voluntarily publishing all major donors in line with UK legislation, a move Alliance already does. There is nothing stopping the other parties doing exactly the same right this instant.

    "If people want true openness and transparency in their politics, it is clear Alliance is the only party who can deliver that and the only party with enough influence to potentially do so around the Executive table."

  • Nuala McAllister
    20 February
    Potential voters should question parties on their stance on revealing political donors, Alliance's Nuala McAllister has said.

    The North Belfast candidate said several parties had unclear positions on the matter, leaving to confusion among the electorate on their various stances. Alliance already publishes donors voluntarily in line with UK legislation, including outside of election time.

    Thanks to legislation Alliance Leader Naomi Long secured in Westminster, anyone donating £7,500 or over in a single payment to a local party since January 2014 will be revealed publicly when the Secretary of State lifts the exemption and brings Northern Ireland into line with the rest of the UK.

    A recent petition launched by Mrs Long calling for that to happen attracted over 1,500 signatures in a day after being launched.

    "Alliance has led the way on donor transparency, voluntarily publishing our donors in line with UK law. We have had several other parties talk before about supporting donor transparency but their actions have not matched their pledges. The UUP has recently talked about revealing its donors but only last month, its Councillors on Belfast City Council voted against doing just that. Prior to last May's election, the DUP also made a commitment to do similar but we are still waiting.

    "Thanks to the RHI scandal and various other allegations of corruption and cronyism, the public desire for openness and transparency in politics has never been higher. People deserve better government - that's why they need to question candidates on their doorstep asking for their vote whether they support full donor transparency and if so, why their party hasn't done anything practical about it yet.

    "We have a real opportunity to make a change for good and end political donor secrecy in Northern Ireland once and for all. By following Alliance's lead, we can ensure all parties are open and accountable to the public, the way they should be."

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