Outcome of COP27 crucial to secure future for nature, says Blair

The outcome of COP27 will be crucial not just in terms of tackling the climate crisis, but also to helping secure a future for nature, considering climate change and biodiversity loss are intrinsically connected, says Alliance South Antrim MLA John Blair.

Climate Change John Blair cop27

“Protecting and restoring nature is now critical", said John.

“If the climate summit does not have successful outcomes, including concrete targets, then we cannot halt and reverse biodiversity loss, which will have serious implications for efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are depending on the success of COP27, but also the success of the UN Biodiversity Conference."

The UN Biodiversity Conference, otherwise known as COP15, organised by China but hosted in Canada, will take place next month and governments are expected to agree a plan with targets to halt the destruction of the natural world.

“The stakes have never been higher” John added.

“We must wake up to the reality that nature is essential in the fight for 1.5 degrees. Yet our forests, wetlands, grasslands, peatlands, soils and seas are at risk. It is essential we scale up ambition to protect and restore our precious natural world.”