Only way to avoid constant cycle of collapse and crisis is reform of institutions, Alliance tells Prime Minister

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The only way to avoid the constant cycle of collapse and crisis in our politics is to reform the institutions, Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has told the Prime Minister.

Mrs Long was speaking after a meeting with Boris Johnson, who is in Northern Ireland to speak to local parties regarding the restoration of devolution. The Alliance delegation also told the Prime Minister trust was key to seeing pragmatic changes made to the Protocol, in anticipation of the UK Government laying the groundwork tomorrow for unilateral action.

“Our institutions are in a cycle of crisis and collapse,” she said.

“The only way to avoid that is to reform things. If parties are going to exercise vetoes, which has happened throughout the lifetime of the Assembly, we need to find a work around or else the people of Northern Ireland will continue to be held hostage.

“That is not an acceptable way to do government and needs to change. Those who don’t designate as unionist or nationalist must be given the opportunity to play a constructive role or else there will likely be similar cycles of collapse in future.

“Today was also an opportunity to tell the Prime Minister there are a clear majority of parties and businesses here who wish to see pragmatic changes to the Protocol. Despite this, the Foreign Secretary will make a statement tomorrow to set the scene on unilaterally make changes to the Protocol.

“That is not the way to business. Trust is the key ingredient and that involves keeping agreements, not breaking them. There is talk about safe landing zones on this matter. But as the pilot, Boris Johnson and the UK Government is poised to crash the plane tomorrow.”