Your Candidate in North Belfast is: Nuala McAllister

Nuala McAllister

The first ever young mum to become Lord Mayor of Belfast, Nuala puts family life at the heart of her politics.


Living in North Belfast, Nuala recognises the benefits positive leadership at Westminster will bring to our community.


Proudly liberal and progressive, Nuala has been unwavering in her support for women, the LGBTQ+ community and ethnic minorities.


Known for hard work, Nuala has a strong record of delivery on issues that matter to people and proudly continues to promote North Belfast as an open, welcoming and inclusive place.

Support for business and the community


More needs to be done to promote North Belfast as a thriving economic area. At Westminster Nuala will work towards investment that benefits local business and communities alike. She will work to ensure our politics sets the environment for a flourishing economy. Nuala believes there is no such thing as a good Brexit and will work for a Peoples Vote.


Integration and Shared Spaces


North Belfast is not reaching its potential. Nuala has fought for shared spaces that are well funded and better connected communities. Integration can bring huge potential to North Belfast, Nuala commits to breaking down the barriers to division including tackling poverty, investment in shared public services and physical infrastructures.


Cleaning up politics


Nuala is committed to representing the people of North Belfast through transparency in all decision making. She will ensure that the people of North Belfast’s voices are heard and they are represented in a fair, progressive and committed manner.