Your Candidate in East Belfast is: Naomi Long

Naomi Long

A former civil engineer, Naomi recognises the similarities between engineering and politics – solving problems to make life better. That positive, constructive approach has been her trademark, whether at City Hall, Stormont, Westminster or Brussels.


As Alliance Leader, she has led efforts to restore Stormont, proposing solutions and reforms. She has challenged the two biggest parties and governments, proposing salary cuts and convening talks herself.


As MEP, she has used her influence to avoid a no deal Brexit and secure extra time for Parliament to resolve the impasse. She knows the threat Brexit poses to jobs, the economy, the Good Friday Agreement and our entire society.


As East Belfast MP, she fought against austerity and stood up for transparency, democracy and equality. Despite being the sole Alliance MP, Naomi delivered on her manifesto pledges, including legislation to ensure large political donations are now made public and ending double-jobbing.



While the government and the DUP threatened a disastrous no-deal Brexit, Naomi took the argument to London, Dublin and Brussels. Her experience and insight has been invaluable working with top-level officials and politicians, ensuring they understand the impact of Brexit and the importance of avoiding no deal. By voting for Naomi, you can demand better than continued Brexit chaos and rely on her to defend the best interests of East Belfast in Parliament.


Deadlock at Stormont


Crucial decisions about vital services – like health, education, infrastructure, the environment, our economy – currently sit frozen, hurting our community and doing lasting damage to trust and confidence in politics.

This drift is intolerable and has Naomi made proposals to re-establish and reform the institutions.

By voting for Naomi, you can demand better than stalemate, stagnation and incompetence. Demand good government now.




The biggest problem facing the globe is the climate crisis. We need to work in partnership with other countries to find solutions. Brexit is a barrier to and a distraction from the urgent action needed. As a consistent champion of the environment, Naomi will demand better and more ambitious action on renewable energy, fossil fuel, deforestation, biodiversity, pollution and climate injustice so future generations can look forward to a cleaner, greener future.