Your Candidate in Mid Ulster is: Mel Boyle

Mel Boyle

Mel is a committed volunteer for parkrun. He is an ambassador for several junior 2k events and the normal 5k events. He is the founder of the Stormont parkrun in Belfast.


Co-ordinator of a new initiative consisting of education, psychology and exercise for young people, Mel believes it is vital to tackle childhood obesity at an early age.


A strong supporter of integrated education, Mel will campaign for more schools to achieve integrated status, allowing our young people to be educated together.


Mel is a firm advocate for fostering a community spirit in the local area by holding events allowing people to come together, make friends and have a stake in their neighbourhood.

Better health and the environment


We all want to live in a place that’s healthy, provides first class open spaces and facilities that meet the needs of everyone. Mel will fight for a greater focus on sustainable growth, the environment, families and health and well-being.


Better support for businesses


Local businesses are the beating heart of our community. Mel is committed to supporting local businesses by delivering new regeneration powers, revitalising high streets, encouraging tourism and growing the economy. The business community has spoken out against Brexit and Mel will work to stop us leaving the EU.


Better openness and transparency


You deserve to know how your money is spent. Mel will work to increase openness and transparency in decision making and make it clear where your rates go and who is influencing decisions.