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McReynolds welcomes Council support for dogs on public transport

Alliance Councillor Peter McReynolds has welcomed that Belfast City Council has accepted his proposal to request Translink to review and amend its policy governing the carriage of dogs on buses and trains.

Speaking after the Council meeting which supported his proposal he said: “Belfast is becoming increasingly dog friendly, as our cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels encourage dog owners to bring their four legged friends with them.


“Currently, assistance dogs and small dogs are allowed on buses and trains, but drivers are given discretion to ask dog owners to exit the vehicle.


“This creates a climate of uncertainty and confusion among dog owners, meaning that they resort to using their cars for short journeys - something that we are trying to reduce to tackle congestion in our city.


“Dog owners are allowed to bring their pets onto public transport in parts of the UK and across Europe and I believe it is entirely reasonable that Translink brings it's policy into line with today's public attitudes.”