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Last chance for Assembly restoration or new election needed, says Long

This is the last chance for the Assembly to be restored or else there must be a new election, Alliance Leader Naomi Long MEP has said.

Mrs Long was speaking ahead of the recommencement of talks at Stormont tomorrow (Monday). She said the crises in public services and other areas meant the return of an Executive was vital to society.

“Every day this impasse continues, the public is suffering – people are losing their jobs, budgets are being slashed, organisations are going to the wall. The health service is currently facing a major crisis but that is likely to be followed in the near future by other crises in areas such as education and infrastructure, as well as the impending welfare mitigations cliff edge, and doing our best to protect Northern Ireland from Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal,” she said.

“It’s clear that cannot go on. Alliance will be there on Monday and we will play a constructive role in trying to restore the institutions. But it is clear this is the last opportunity to do so because this paralysing of our politics cannot go on. If there is no successful resolution, the Secretary of State must call fresh elections and then it is over to the public to elect those who want to get on with the job of delivering for everyone.

“The Westminster Election is clear proof people want Stormont to return and want to see a new form of politics. We now have a duty to deliver on that. If we don’t, the only losers are going to be the public of Northern Ireland, who elected us to represent them in the first place.”